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We develop draft laws on robotics regulation in Russia. Concepts, programs, laws, by-laws - everything that is supposed to provide robots and robotic devices with an adequate place in our society and in the legal framework. Robot laws are the regulation that will be effective in the nearest future. To do this, we carefully study foreign and Russian practices, attract the best researchers and organize expert and public discussions. 

From Isaac Asimov’s laws of robotics to robolaw.


Model Convention

The Center experts have developed a draft of the world's first international instrument on the robotics, artificial intelligence and cyberphysical systems regulation.

42 rules of creation, introduction and use of all kinds of robots are offered. 

Separate rules for military robots have been outlined, rules for development of artificial intelligence have been offered, an initiative for creation of a supranational institute has been proposed, and conditions for creation of high-threat robots have been determined.

At the same time, the Convention takes into account all the main existing developments: the rules of the "black box" and the "red button", the requirements for ensuring security and confidentiality, the Azimov's laws of robot technology, etc.

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The "Grishin" Law

The first Russian and one of the world’s first acts devoted to the place of smart robots in the law.

The act has been developed by V. Naumov and V. Arkhipov

 The act has been developed by Dentons on demand of Dmitry Grishin, businessman and Internet technology specialist, the head of Group Board of Directors, and his fund Grishin Robotics.

Use the link below to download the "Grishin" Law in Russian.

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