Rese­­arc­­h center for problems of robotics and artificial intelligence regulation

German Road Traffic Act Amendment Regulating the Use of “Motor Vehicles with Highly or Fully Automated Driving Function” from July 17, 2017 for the first time in Russian

Model Convention on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence 

Estonian law about self-propelled robotic couriers: for the first time in Russian! 

Intelligent Robot Development and Promotion Act of South Korea: for the first time in Russian!

European Parliament resolution with recommendations to the Commission on Civil Law Rules on Robotics for the first time in Russian

Our activities

We develop regulatory environment of robotics in Russia

If required, in addition to lawyers, we involve the best industry experts.

 We do not adopt laws but develop effective regulation and contribute to its promotion.


Foreign practice study

  We find and analyze foreign sources of information, publish reviews, articles and comments.

Essential documents are translated into Russian. Some of them are released to the public.


Research activity

If required, we will conduct a study of the specific field of application of robotics application.

We will analyze the current state of the issue in Russia, find and summarize all relevant practice existing in the world, and also be able to draft an appropriate regulatory act.

About us 

We are convinced that robots are our future. The future is much closer than it seems now. 

We want Russia to be able to meet the challenges of the future effectively.

We want the global trends in the robotics development to be introduced into society and the legal framework consciously and in a timely manner.

Our center is a virtual ground. We are open to all experts who are ready to contribute to the robotics development in Russia. 

In our activity we cooperate with leading experts in the field of law and robotics. In the work of the Center, the international law firm Dentons is involved, whose lawyers previously prepared the first Russian law on the regulation of smart robots ("Dmitry Grishin's Law").

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 Andrey Neznamov
 Andrey Neznamov
Head of Research center for problems of robotics and AI regulation in Russia, 

Ph.D in Law, Senior Associate of Dentons

Victor Naumov
Victor Naumov

Scientific consultant of Research center for problems of robotics and AI regulation in Russia, Associate Professor of SPbU, Senior Research Scientist of RANEPA, Ph.D in Law, Partner of Dentons

Vladislav Arkhipov
Vladislav Arkhipov

Scientific consultant of the Research center for problems of robotics and AI regulation , Associate Professor of SPbU, Ph.d in Lew, Counselor of Dentons